Foot and ankle injuries are common among athletes and people with active lifestyles and many of these injuries can be treated non-surgically with stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma or prolotherapy, depending on the nature of the injury. Manhattan Foot and Ankle offers stem cell therapy for foot and ankle stem cell treatments for foot and ankle injuries and degenerative conditions.

What are stem cell injections?

Modern techniques in today’s medicine allows for withdrawal of stem cells from bone marrow, concentrate them through a lab process and then re-inject them precisely into the injured tissues in other areas of the body using advanced imaging guidance. Through Fluoroscopy and MSK Ultrasound. When the stem cells are re-injected, they enhance the natural repair process of degenerated and injured tendons, ligaments, and arthritic joints – Turning the tables on the natural breakdown process that occurs from aging, overuse and injury.


Foot & ankle conditions treated at Manhattan Foot and Ankle

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