Plantar Plate Repair

Plantar Plate Repair

A plantar plate injury refers to damage to the strong supporting ligament of a toe, located on ball of foot. The plantar plate is not an ordinary ligament as it’s a thick structure that provides significant stability to the toe. Most commonly the 2nd toe is involved, but any toe can be damaged. Plantar plate injuries can be acute or chronic. Plantar plate repair can be done with surgery for both acute and chronic injuries. The method of repair mainly depends on extent of injury to plantar plate ligament, cause of tear, time from injury, the presence of a toe contracture (hammer toe), and overall biomechanical foot structure. 

Following extensive practice and experience in surgical procedures, Dr. Sharobeem is exceptional at surgical intervention including the acclaimed plantar plate repair procedure.

This procedure is used for chronic conditions such as bunions and hammertoes that result from a weak plantar plate. This is cited as a commonality especially in woman, presumably due to uncomfortable footwear.

It is also used to treat plantar plate injury which, when sustained, is localized at the ball of the foot.

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