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Foot and ankle fractures can happen in just about any of the 29 bones in the foot and ankle. At Manhattan Podiatry Group, with locations in New York in Downtown Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, Staten Island, as well as in Manalapan, New Jersey, board-certified podiatrist Mark Sharobeem, DPM, provides the expert care you need when you suffer a foot or ankle fracture. Call the nearest office or use the online feature today to book an appointment and get expert care for foot and ankle fractures.

Fractures Q&A

What are foot and ankle fractures?

The human foot has 26 bones, and the ankle has three. Any of these bones can fracture or break. 

Foot or ankle fractures aren’t always clean — sometimes, a bone shatters into multiple pieces. Repeated stress on a bone can lead to a hairline crack, called a stress fracture. 

At Manhattan Podiatry Group, Dr. Sharobeem has experience treating many types of foot and ankle fractures, including toe fractures, fifth metatarsal fractures, heel fractures, stress fractures, and common ankle fractures. 

What are the symptoms of foot and ankle fractures?

A fracture usually causes intense, immediate pain. You may have trouble putting weight on the affected foot or ankle. You may also experience bruising, swelling, and tenderness at the site of the fracture. Severe fractures can cause deformity at the joint.

A stress fracture is slightly different, though. It usually develops gradually until you notice pain consistently when you use the foot or ankle. 

What are the common types of fractures?

Any bone in your foot or ankle can fracture, but certain injuries are more common. These include:


Broken toes

Toe breaks usually happen as a result of trauma or injury. Pain, swelling, numbness, and difficulty walking are symptoms of a broken toe. Don’t wait to seek treatment because toe trauma that doesn’t heal correctly can lead to arthritis or foot deformity. 


Fifth metatarsal fracture

The fifth metatarsal connects your ankle to your pinky toe. You may suffer a fifth metatarsal fracture because of high arches, overuse, or injury. Treatment usually consists of casting, wearing a boot, or surgery. 


Heel fractures

Falls from a significant height or other trauma can cause a heel fracture. This fracture affects the calcaneus bone and usually requires surgical repair. 


Broken ankle

A broken ankle occurs when the joint twists abnormally, is crushed, or endures high impact. The fracture may affect just one bone or several bones in the ankle. Treatment depends on the severity of the break. 

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