Bone Growth Stimulators

Bone Growth Stimulators

Everyone needs a little downtime. But a bone fracture may give you a lot more downtime than you want—especially when fractures take far longer to heal than usual, or don’t heal at all. With the bone growth stimulators, just 20 minutes each day of safe, painless treatment can amplify your natural bone-healing power for faster healing, and restore healing to a fracture that has failed to heal (called a nonunion).

Bone growth stimulators are devices that promote the natural process of healing foot and ankle conditions including fractures by emitting low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to the ankle. Bone growth stimulators are an effective and painless treatment to speed up the natural healing process.

Bone growth stimulators benefits

Bone Growth Stimulators the healing process and decreasing the period needed to recover from injuries, such as a Jones fracture, or surgery.

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