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A neuroma describes a painful condition in your foot caused by swollen nerves. At Manhattan Podiatry Group, with locations in New York in Downtown Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, Staten Island, as well as in Manalapan, New Jersey, board-certified podiatrist Mark Sharobeem, DPM, diagnoses and treats neuromas to help relieve the discomfort, tingling, and numbness of neuromas. Call the nearest office or schedule your appointment online today.

Neuromas Q&A

What is a neuroma?

A neuroma affects the nerves in the ball of the foot, causing serious pain and discomfort. It’s usually caused by a benign (non-cancerous) growth of nerve tissue that develops between the third and fourth toes. 

What are the symptoms of neuromas?

Neuromas can feel like general foot pain, including:

  • Burning in the balls of your feet that may extend to your toes
  • Tingling and numbness around the toes
  • Feeling as if you’re standing on a rock

Neuromas are caused by nerve inflammation. You may get relief when you remove your shoes, stop walking, or rub the area. 

Why did I develop a neuroma?

Constant pressure or injury that stresses foot nerves leads to neuromas. High heels and shoes that are too tight can cause this pressure. Bunions and hammertoes can lead to painful neuromas. 

Neuromas may develop in response to your foot structure. Especially high arches or flat feet can lead to neuromas because they cause instability around the toe joint. 

Trauma or repetitive activity can also cause damage to the nerves and lead to a neuroma.

Women are more prone than men to develop neuromas. If you’re susceptible, it’s important to reduce foot irritation as much as possible. 

How do you diagnose neuromas?

Dr. Sharobeem thoroughly examines your feet and evaluates your medical history. He asks about your symptoms and may even feel a neuroma during the assessment.

He may order X-rays to rule out potential structural causes of your foot pain. An ultrasound or MRI can help Dr. Sharobeem see the internal soft tissues of your foot more accurately. 

How do you treat neuromas?

Dr. Sharobeem recommends wearing shoes with thick soles and a wide toe box if you have a neuroma. The right footwear can help your neuroma go away on its own. Custom foot orthotics can relieve pressure and correct foot problems that encourage the development of neuromas. 

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications can help relieve pain and inflammation. 

In some cases, Dr. Sharobeem recommends surgery to remove the inflamed nerve. This option is a last resort but can eliminate severe pain for good. 

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