Dr. Mark Sharobeem is a Podiatrist serving the New York area for more than 3 years.

Dr. Mark Sharobeem believes that diversity is key in his practice. He treats every patient as an individual, ensuring high standards of culturally competent care. With ability to address a variety of podiatric diagnosis’, Dr. Sharobeem, is known among is peers as a multitalented physician. His patients most know him for his dedicated, diligent, and meticulous approach.

Dr. Sharobeem graduated in 2008 from New York Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He went onto complete his doctorate in Podiatric Medicine from the prestigious Temple University in 2012.

Dr. Sharobeem is always on the lookout for updates in his field as well as dedicating time to educating himself and adding more skills to his repertoire for his patients benefit. He received a fellowship in dermatology from BAKO, setting himself apart in his expertise of dermatological issues. He is also obtaining certification for arthroscopy of the foot and ankle, which will be completed in April of 2016.